Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Yes, it's true. As much as we tried to convince ourselves otherwise, to look on the bright side, to truly believe that 'tomorrow will be sunny again', summer is...(here it comes) over. I know; it's painful. Bar a few days of glory in June - where the temperature actually managed to struggle and strain its way over the fabled 25-degree mark - 2010's summer season has been nothing but rain, clouds and gloom. A veritable washout. Sigh.

If, like me, you weren't lucky enough to get away to a sangria-and-mirage-soaked sandhole this year, then I'm sure you can feel the pain I felt when, striding down Oxford Street at the beginning of August in my (somewhat optimistic) factor 30 and denim hot pants, I saw shop windows stuffed full of autumn collections. Gone were the cheerful displays of tiny tees and glittering sunglasses, here instead were rows of harder, more durable materials, better suited to the onset of autumn’s chillier climate. "Surely this is too soon?” I thought, “What happened to the magical sunny period of bleached cotton and tribal-print playsuits promised to us by all the magazines?” It was a similar feeling to the one brought on by the appearance of Christmas merchandise in October, only without the fun.

However, as we enter the second week of September, perhaps it’s time to accept the inevitable. Days are getting shorter. ‘Smuggling peanuts’ will soon become mandatory upon leaving the house. No, that great 2-4-1 deal on sun cream at Boots really wasn’t worth it.  Okay, so maybe London didn’t turn out to be the tropical Indian summer paradise we’d all been (sort of) expecting, but hey ho, we can only shrug our shoulders and move forward, however begrudgingly.

Luckily, there happens to be some truly fantastic styles coming out this A/W season. Rather than bemoaning the summer that never was, I’m going to stash the flip-flops at the bottom of my wardrobe till next year and work on near-bankrupting myself on a look to welcome in the darker, colder days…

KG Shearling-lined High-Heeled Boots

Aren’t they beautiful? I nearly stopped breathing when I saw them the other day…but the £180 price tag might be a bit more than my non-income bank account can take. Their sturdy leather design and textured work-boot sole make them perfect for slippery winter pavements, with the eleven-inch heel giving them a decidedly un-sensible edge. Urban Outfitters also do a slightly cheaper version:

Urban Outfitters Multi Strap Boots

Obviously not quite as fabulous as their KG parents, but still retaining that wonderful shearling-wool lining. 

T By Alexander Wang Leather-trimmed Jersey Poncho

Embracing the new season as I am, I just can’t bring myself to buy a winter coat just yet…this jersey poncho seems like a good compromise (for now). It's relaxed enough for daywear, but I’d pair it with heels and lashings of gold chains (what else) to make a bit more of a statement.

Marjan Pejoski PK Embroidery Jump Suit

Yeah, yeah, all right – this isn’t probably the most appropriate choice for the cold, wet season ahead. But you can always layer up…

Vanessa Bruno Thigh-High Socks

These socks come straight from Vanessa Bruno’s A/W 2010 Ready-To-Wear collection into a special place in my heart labelled ‘Covet’. Warm, stylish and a welcome change from the inevitable monotony of autumn’s tights and jeans.

Liberty Flower Power Union Jack Silk Scarf

My wonderful boyfriend bought this for me for my birthday recently, and I love it (seriously - I’m not just saying that because he might be reading this…). Released as part of Liberty’s 2010 celebration of our UK heritage, the floral design acts as a nod to the ‘Flower Power’ age (which also coincided with the fiftieth anniversary of Carnaby Street’s ‘Swinging Sixties’). Goes with just about anything – I like to wear it in my hair.

Monday, 12 July 2010


It's nearly here. At last. The culmination of three years' worth of hard study, focus and determination; graduation day. Oh, the things I've learned since 2007. I read a selection of the finest works of literature and theatre ever written. I created gastronomic delights on the smallest of budgets (who ever knew ketchup worked so well with rice?). I devised a multitude of worthy causes that a Henry Hoover can be put to. I discovered Come Dine With Me. And as of 6 o' clock Wednesday evening, it's all over; I will officially be a graduate.

However, despite all the thrills and spills that the day's complementary white wine and parents en masse will no doubt give me, there remains the slight problem of having to dress like this for the duration:

You can slice it any way you like, but the graduation ensemble just ain't flattering. Billowing black robes (similar to the ones sported by evangelical tyrants in films about colonial America), an unfortunate colour scheme (I get to wear black and brown) and mushroom-shaped hat hair all make for a pretty disastrous look.

Originally, I intended to write an article innovating unique and brilliant ways to liven up your glamorous rented robes. However, two hours in I am still very much in the dark, bar my usual 'throw gold chains and eyeliner on it and hope for the best' approach; the pressure of not wanting to fall on my six-inch-heeled arse in front of everyone, together the fact my dear Nanny will want 'lovely' photographs of me looking 'lovely' with the family have won (this time).

The following is comprised of pretty pictures of what I'd wear on the big day if I could.

Butler & Wilson Crystal and Pewter Skull Tiara

Fox Face Mask

Lazy Oaf 'Yes' ring

Finsk Black Pony Skin Wedge Shoe

The Star of Africa Royal Sceptre

Best of luck - and don't forget to smile for the failed photographer x

PS - I will need hairspray. Lots of hairspray.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010


I'M BACK! Apologies for the lack of writing-related tidbits lately, I have been ruining myself in every way possible at Beach Break festival - and then recovering, of course. Glastonbury it probably wasn't, but a week in South Wales was actually a pretty amazing way to send off my increasingly distant student days; you'll be glad to know that I am an entire 1/3 of a shade more tanned. 
However, over the days I often mused [over countless beakers of tent-warm box wine] how amazingly wrong people can get style at festivals. Yes, the idea is not to care; pack light, run free, be at one with people, nature and Wet Wipes and all that...but there’s no need to lose all sense of what the French call, ‘la faibulouse’. I mean, when all is said and done, there’s only so far that Topshop floral prints and a Strongbow Shower will take you.
So, here is a list of things that have really saved my life so far this festival season:
All Saints £175 
I hate wellington boots. With a passion. They are heavy, ugly and if you are lucky enough with the weather not to need them, you have to haul the bastard things back home, never to be worn again. Instead, I opted for these Damisi boots, by All Saints; their sturdy, burnished leather endures against the worst that the Great British Summer can throw at you, and they are light enough so as not to be too hot in the sun. 
Pearl & Ivy £25
I discovered Pearl & Ivy on a stall at Beach Break – they are a brand selling absolutely gorgeous hand-made feathered headbands and earrings. Using such plumes as pheasant and peacock, a band adds instant glamour to even the muddiest of outfits, with the detail and vivid colour gently drawing the eye away from your hideous, unwashed mane. 
Philip Normal for Happy Shack, Camden £40
Vintage denim is always a strong look at festivals, but Normal adds a twist to the Levi’s classic 501 shorts with coloured studs and American flag detailing. Very comfortable too!
MAC ‘Old Gold’ pigment £15
Rather than carry around my usual plethora of eyeshadows, I invested in one strong, statement colour to wear in the evenings. MAC’s pigment is fantastic, with a range of vibrant colours that stand out in the dark, and a richness to the powder that means you won’t have to keep reapplying. I bought ‘Old Gold’, because, well, I like gold.
Baptiste Dry Shampoo Gold Shimmer £3-4
With no immediate access to anything remotely resembling a shower [unless you count that man who manages to wee on your tent each and every morning at 5am], it’s a relief to know that dry shampoo is on hand to absorb most of the sweat//mud/other in your hair. Baptiste is a pretty decent brand, apart from its slightly unsavoury scent, and this one leaves an attractive metallic shimmer [it comes in gold or silver]. I also sprayed some on my chest and arms – gold!
Barry M Nail Varnish £5
Cheap, cheerful, colourful. Can’t go wrong.

Hopefully by now you’ve gotten some ideas for some field-chic looks of your own; it’s always nice not to look like one of those crazy homeless women with a special attachment to brand-name plastic bags, isn’t it? If all else fails, I urge you to adhere to my three golden rules:
1) As previously stated - NO WELLIES. AT ANY TIME. EVER. Practical they may be, but I have yet to see a pair that looks good. On anyone. Go barefoot and run the risk of drowning in the mud if you have to, but leave them in the shed.
2) If, like me, you simply have to have separate day/night outfits, but don't want to pack too much, simply bring lots of jewellery to embellish with before the headliners start.
3) A little bit of glitter goes a long way.

Friday, 28 May 2010

This Week's Shopping List [if I were rich]


Moschino's dazzling gold cropped-chain coat, from the Spring ready-to-wear collection. Price: Phwoar pounds and fifty pence.

Fetish is in in a BIG way this season! To truly get a feel for this tricky trend, just imagine how fantastic I'd look in a pair of these Vivienne Westwood bondage shorts. I think you'll agree that the oversized pockets, teamed with the shut-up-and-take-it-bitch buckle detailing will really set off my legs. And my gimp mask.

Vegetarians, look away now - this sleek, patent whip-snake leather clutch\glove combo from the house of McQueen is worth every pound of flesh it took to make. Yes, it was. Can you really see this looking anywhere near as good in hemp? If you're still caught up in the 'morality' of it all, surely you'll be swayed by the Swarovski studs...yours [that is to say, mine] for a mere £1,150...

Iceberg's Spring ready-to-wear collection saw the pervasive Mickey Mouse popping up over numerous pieces, with his infamous round ears inspiring the spheroidal silhouettes of tops and skirts, in addition to the frequent embedding of images of the rodent himself in the design. I loved the playsuits, especially this one.

I fell in love with this star-cluster ring as soon as I saw it in Crazy Pig - and with a £140 price tag, it might just happen.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


I have to admit, when I first heard the term 'augmented reality' I had little clue as to what it really meant, quickly placing it in the slightly disinterested box, 'oh, another clever bit of technological wizardry that I'll see on an App advert at some point but won't really have an impact on day-to-day life'. So far, so novelty lighter/car remote/paedophile locator.

As the term suggests, the technology operates by enhancing the viewer's ordinary perception of reality, affixing layers of data like images, information and video onto ordinary objects. It is starting to be used more and more frequently in advertising, visual displays, computer games and even business cards. 

Crafty as this all sounds, it wasn't until London Fashion Week that I really started to pay attention. Designer Cassette Playa's showcasing of the spring/summer Neuromance collection saw fashion's first ever augmented reality presentation; merging technology, art, fashion and performance, it is here that the first suggestions of augmented reality's true potential can really be seen.
Those familiar with Cassette Playa recognised the label's signature fierce neons and cartoonised styles, but the real innovation stemmed from the collection's technological dimension, with pieces being interwoven with specialised data that prompted an altogether more distinct experience when viewed through a digital camera.

CASSETTE PLAYA AW1011 - AUGMENTED REALITY from Amazing Grace on Vimeo.

Here, Cassette Playa's graphic digital vision literally evolves before our eyes, with models taking on additional virtual accessories to enhance and intensify the mood of the collection - flashing panels, robotic blue masks and elaborate pixellated headdresses provide an uncanny but undeniably compelling experience for those in the audience. Think Tron on a night out in Shoreditch.

Also, if you haven't done so already, it is really worth checking out POP's Spring/Summer issue, which contains all manner of augmented treats, including interviews, music and behind-the-scenes videos of inspirations for various shoots.

As with the Cassette Playa collection, the magazine embeds numerous ciphers into its pages, which to the untrained non-digital eye look like this:

If you are lucky enough to own an iPhone, you can download POP's [free] app and view augmented reality in all its technological glory through the phone's camera. Alternatively, you can simply hold up the symbols to your webcam. If, on the other hand, this all sounds like far too much work, I have been generous enough to include the video-stream below, which takes a look at the issue's achingly beautiful C.R.E.A.M. shoot.

It's impossible to deny that this is all pretty amazing stuff. Loath as I am to use the phrase, 'what will they think of next?', this intensifying love-in between fashion and the digital age can surely mean only good things.


My most sincere apologies for the dearth in writing these last couple of months. I now stand [sit] before you [this screen] as a fully-fledged graduate, which means that I will now have the time to post on here regularly. On a completely unrelated note, if you know any magazines out there looking for a fashion intern...my, er, friend is looking for work.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for up-and-coming photographer Gabriel Love. Specialising in high fashion and images from assorted club scenes, he regularly shoots for the Vice photo blog and has his debut exhibition coming up next month:


Click here to see some examples of Gabriel's work. Or, have a look at the picture below [yes, it's yours truly...oh come on, don't think any less of me - any impressions of jumped-up narcissism are surely pushed aside by that fabulous jumpsuit, by Charles of London]. 

Saturday, 10 April 2010


Good luck for those of you pinning last night's leftover drinks money on a horse today. If mine comes in first (which it surely will) then I'll only be £1153 away from buying THIS:

Just when you thought your gasping savings account was safe from Vivienne Westwood, out comes this little trinket. Set in a crystal and pearl frame, and lined with purple velvet and white fur, this crown will unmistakably set you head, shoulders and a title above the rest of the peasants in Monday's rush hour.

Come on Arbour Supreme...x