Friday, 28 May 2010

This Week's Shopping List [if I were rich]


Moschino's dazzling gold cropped-chain coat, from the Spring ready-to-wear collection. Price: Phwoar pounds and fifty pence.

Fetish is in in a BIG way this season! To truly get a feel for this tricky trend, just imagine how fantastic I'd look in a pair of these Vivienne Westwood bondage shorts. I think you'll agree that the oversized pockets, teamed with the shut-up-and-take-it-bitch buckle detailing will really set off my legs. And my gimp mask.

Vegetarians, look away now - this sleek, patent whip-snake leather clutch\glove combo from the house of McQueen is worth every pound of flesh it took to make. Yes, it was. Can you really see this looking anywhere near as good in hemp? If you're still caught up in the 'morality' of it all, surely you'll be swayed by the Swarovski studs...yours [that is to say, mine] for a mere £1,150...

Iceberg's Spring ready-to-wear collection saw the pervasive Mickey Mouse popping up over numerous pieces, with his infamous round ears inspiring the spheroidal silhouettes of tops and skirts, in addition to the frequent embedding of images of the rodent himself in the design. I loved the playsuits, especially this one.

I fell in love with this star-cluster ring as soon as I saw it in Crazy Pig - and with a £140 price tag, it might just happen.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


I have to admit, when I first heard the term 'augmented reality' I had little clue as to what it really meant, quickly placing it in the slightly disinterested box, 'oh, another clever bit of technological wizardry that I'll see on an App advert at some point but won't really have an impact on day-to-day life'. So far, so novelty lighter/car remote/paedophile locator.

As the term suggests, the technology operates by enhancing the viewer's ordinary perception of reality, affixing layers of data like images, information and video onto ordinary objects. It is starting to be used more and more frequently in advertising, visual displays, computer games and even business cards. 

Crafty as this all sounds, it wasn't until London Fashion Week that I really started to pay attention. Designer Cassette Playa's showcasing of the spring/summer Neuromance collection saw fashion's first ever augmented reality presentation; merging technology, art, fashion and performance, it is here that the first suggestions of augmented reality's true potential can really be seen.
Those familiar with Cassette Playa recognised the label's signature fierce neons and cartoonised styles, but the real innovation stemmed from the collection's technological dimension, with pieces being interwoven with specialised data that prompted an altogether more distinct experience when viewed through a digital camera.

CASSETTE PLAYA AW1011 - AUGMENTED REALITY from Amazing Grace on Vimeo.

Here, Cassette Playa's graphic digital vision literally evolves before our eyes, with models taking on additional virtual accessories to enhance and intensify the mood of the collection - flashing panels, robotic blue masks and elaborate pixellated headdresses provide an uncanny but undeniably compelling experience for those in the audience. Think Tron on a night out in Shoreditch.

Also, if you haven't done so already, it is really worth checking out POP's Spring/Summer issue, which contains all manner of augmented treats, including interviews, music and behind-the-scenes videos of inspirations for various shoots.

As with the Cassette Playa collection, the magazine embeds numerous ciphers into its pages, which to the untrained non-digital eye look like this:

If you are lucky enough to own an iPhone, you can download POP's [free] app and view augmented reality in all its technological glory through the phone's camera. Alternatively, you can simply hold up the symbols to your webcam. If, on the other hand, this all sounds like far too much work, I have been generous enough to include the video-stream below, which takes a look at the issue's achingly beautiful C.R.E.A.M. shoot.

It's impossible to deny that this is all pretty amazing stuff. Loath as I am to use the phrase, 'what will they think of next?', this intensifying love-in between fashion and the digital age can surely mean only good things.


My most sincere apologies for the dearth in writing these last couple of months. I now stand [sit] before you [this screen] as a fully-fledged graduate, which means that I will now have the time to post on here regularly. On a completely unrelated note, if you know any magazines out there looking for a fashion, er, friend is looking for work.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for up-and-coming photographer Gabriel Love. Specialising in high fashion and images from assorted club scenes, he regularly shoots for the Vice photo blog and has his debut exhibition coming up next month:


Click here to see some examples of Gabriel's work. Or, have a look at the picture below [yes, it's yours truly...oh come on, don't think any less of me - any impressions of jumped-up narcissism are surely pushed aside by that fabulous jumpsuit, by Charles of London].